Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
TSSI, Inc. professionals provide efficient, cost-effective threat and vulnerability assessments for both government and commercial customers. A threat and vulnerability assessment is the first step in creating a total security plan. We apply science-based methodologies to identify and analyze relevant threats using systems-based techniques and tools. We capture threat exposures in multiple categories, all the way from the number of people injured or killed to long-term economic impacts to your business. Then, we apply the results of the assessment to creating science-based, customized, efficient, cost-effective security plans and operational programs based on the best practices of the security profession.

TotalSecurity.US Management System (TSMS™)

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments Based on TERM®
Download a PDF Brochure on Threat and Vulnerability Assessments Based on TERM®

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments Based on TERM® The TSMS™ has Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (TVA) as the first step in the development of a security program.

The TSMS™ methodology is a superb vehicle with which to theorize and/or perform contingency planning and near-term and long-range projections of system operational and technical security requirements and specifications.

We can identify the relevant threats, put them into this system, and force ourselves to conceive of and develop the appropriate security plans, training, drills, and exercises needed to defeat those envisioned or potential threats.

Threats to an operation or site are determined through the TERM®
  • Threat
  • Exposure
  • Response Matrix
These threats are viewable in ranked order (from most threatening to least threatening) or in alphabetical order in the links on the left side of the screen. The TVA section also contains links to relevant observations about the site's environment out to three miles, as well as the general threat environment.

An important aspect of the TERM® tool is its ability to capture exposures in multiple categories, all the way from the number of killed/injured to long-term economic impact. Our process examines over 100 possible threats and offers over 100 possible preventive and mitigation courses of action.



  • Conventional Threat and Vulnerability consulting or TSMS™ based
  • Stand alone or part of a Security Management Program
  • Proven track record at Threat and Vulnerability
  • Predicted a package bomb at the Atlanta Olympic Park after 5th day resulting in 100 casualties
  • Easy way to identify, integrate and manage all threats to a site or operation
  • Scalable from one to hundreds of sites to meet an operation's specific needs
  • Provides visibility for leaders to see the current and potential threats
Download a PDF Brochure on Threat and Vulnerability Assessments Based on TERM®

Past Performance
Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, the Department of Transportation was asked to identify areas within the transportation system that were vulnerable to terrorist attack. One major area of concern identified was the transportation of hazardous materials (hazmat). The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration decided to conduct a field operational test (FOT) to quantify the security costs and benefits of an operational concept that applies technology and improved enforcement procedures to hazmat transportation. TSSI, Inc. was selected as part of the team to conduct the FOT that demonstrates an effective approach to enhance the safety and security of hazmat shipments from origin to destination.

As part of the Hazmat FOT, TSSI, Inc. conducted a risk/threat assessment to organize the safety and security risks and threats in the highway transportation of hazardous materials. The assessment frames the safety and security risks being addressed by the FOT and is the basis for developing the Concept of Operations. This assessment categorized the threats and leads to the prioritization of potential countermeasures.

As a demonstration of TSSI, Inc. capabilities, follow the provided link to the aforementioned work order and related assessments that outline a successful past performance conducted by the professional team at TSSI, Inc.

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