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October 29, 2009
TSSI Pres & CEO Don L. Rondeau is a Guest Host on HSTV's The Listening Post Program: "Freedom & Security"

Silver Spring, MD -- Don L. Rondeau, President & CEO of TSSI, Inc., a homeland security professional, appears as a guest host on a new episode of the Homeland Security Television Channel (HSTV) interview program The Listening Post. In this episode entitled “Freedom & Security”, guest host Don L. Rondeau explores the delicate balance act between the obvious need for continued enhancements to our homeland security and the basic freedoms guaranteed by our constitution. Don L. Rondeau discusses this important topic with Stephen McHale, former Deputy Administrator at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

In the interview, Mr. Rondeau questions that if “in our post 9/11 world, have we diluted our freedoms in an effort to protect our homeland”? This opened up the discussion prompting Mr. McHale's response that the “first Patriot Act probably went too far”. Mr. Rondeau suggests to McHale, a “founding father” of a post 9/11 agency dedicated to protecting the Nation's security, that appointing a “Freedom Czar” by President Obama could be an appropriate measure to provide the necessary balance—provide more security while ensuring our freedom.

"This was a valuable discussion," said Stephen McHale, “and I think that a Freedom Council would make sense—it would represent the full spectrum of viewpoints on security and freedom. I look forward to hearing how things progress with Mr. Rondeau's letter to President Obama.”

Don L. Rondeau, the driving force behind the idea of a Freedom Council, plans to contact President Obama in the coming days in an effort to establish a formal process for reversing some of the post 9/11 measures that counter our citizen's freedom, while at the same time leaving our citizens feeling protected from terrorist threats.

About The Show:
The Listening Post is a semi-regular interview program that features honest, compelling discussions with the high-profile movers and shakers of the homeland security community.
The interviews are conducted in an effort to bring HSTV viewers unfiltered thought and analysis of current homeland security news and trends. This episode, “Freedom & Security” can be seen at

About Homeland Security Television:
Since its founding in 2005, Homeland Security Television ( has become the Web site of choice for broadcast quality videos on all aspects of homeland and cyber security. The network streams hundreds of hours of on-demand and live programming to viewers every month and benefits from the advice of an unmatched editorial advisory board, which includes the nation's First Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, former FEMA Director Michael Brown, former national cyber security director Amit Yoran, and former TSA Administrator Rear Admiral David Stone, among many others.

About TSSI, Inc.:
Silver Spring, MD-based Total Security Services International, Inc. (TSSI, Inc.) is a unique group of security professionals offering its public and private sector clients a cutting edge, science-based approach to critical infrastructure protection and security planning, operations, intelligence and disaster preparedness and response. Since 1992, TSSI, Inc. has been a highly regarded partner and resource to federal agencies - such as the Transportation Security Administration, FEMA, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Transportation - as well as state and local governments developing solutions to some of our Nation's most difficult critical infrastructure protection challenges. We are known among our private sector customers as a company that offers highly-effective, customized, cost-effective security plans and training programs.
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